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Mendelssohn’s Elijah, premiered at the Birmingham music festival in 1846, had a rapturous reception. The ‘Times’ critic said: ‘The last note of Elijah was drowned
in a long-continued unanimous volley of plaudits, vociferous, and deafening. It was as though enthusiasm, long- checked, had suddenly burst its bonds and filled the air with shouts of exultation…’

As a story Elijah has everything. Prophets. Heretics. False Gods and a competition of deities. The resurrection of a dead child. Further miracles. Denunciations. And finally, a fiery ascent to heaven and redemption. The music matches this grand story and the oratorio contains some of the composer’s finest writing.

The Bearsden Choir, now being some 140 strong under the directorship of Andrew Nunn, together with the McOpera orchestra is delighted to bring you this impressive and moving work. We look forward to sharing this with you in May.